Early Intervention Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Early intervention programs work on student’s communication skills, their peer interactions, and how they will be ready to absorb formal instruction once they enter a structured atmosphere such as preschool or elementary school. The areas which are addressed and developed are motor skills, self-help skills, peer interaction, verbal communication, and academic skills. These areas are necessary so the student is able to become more independent as a person so they are able to participate in community events and use these skills in their adult years to be able to hold down a job once they are of age. Once students who have intellectual disabilities receive early interventions most are able to be placed in classrooms which support inclusion. They will benefit because they are able to learn from their nondisabled peers what is socially acceptable and what is not. This usually happens on an unconscious level. Also the nondisabled students become more empathetic to the needs of these students and try to support them in any way they can.
The diagnosis of autism is made because there is
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The other theory comes from a biological view which a neurological cause is from genetics and not learned behavior. Treatments for these disorders use different approaches. For psychoanalytic doctors focus more on finding a cause of the emotional repression which is usually caused by family relationships and use medication to aid in the therapy. For the behavioral approach focuses on showing the child which behaviors are appropriate in which type of situations are choses when in an educational

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