Early Detection Improves Treatment Outcomes Essay

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Early detection significantly improves the treatment outcomes in cancer patients. Unfortunately, most patients already have widespread disease at first diagnosis. Nanoparticulate systems have gained a lot of interest for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics. However, several studies point to the fact that these nanoparticulate systems are not able to penetrate intro deeper hypoxic tumor regions due to limited diffusive and convective transport within solid tumors. Our group is working with mesenchymal stem cells as tumor targeted chemotherapeutics.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been shown to actively traffic to tumors, in response to inflammatory signals secreted by neutrophils and macrophages invading the tumor (Sun et al., 2014). Further, MSCs can be genetically modified to express peptides and proteins with anti-tumor properties (Shah, 2012). For example, MSCs expressing the interleukin (IL)-12 were shown to inhibit the metastasis into the lymph nodes and other internal organs as well as induce tumor cell apoptosis in mice bearing pre-established metastases of melanoma, breast and hepatoma tumors (Chen et al., 2008). Thus, the tumoritropic nature of MSCs enables the possibility of true, active tumor targeting of anticancer drugs. However, their use as delivery vehicles for cytotoxic drugs has been limited by their overexpression of drug efflux transporters such as P-glycoprotein, which results in poor intracellular drug accumulation (Gao et al., 2013). In…

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