Duty In Feminine Moralism

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The world is not a black and white place. While it’s easy to know right from wrong in concepts of killing someone, or a less extreme of lying, it’s also important to note that the entire picture plays a part in the ultimate decision made. My views on looking at the entire picture and recognizing exceptions I believe I fall into the Feminine Moralists. When I think about situations I often see myself trying to think about what options can be taken to resolve the issue. After thinking of some of the options I know of I then have to think about what the outcome may be, who this affect, and what will happen to those affected. One situation that comes to mind would be if my family was starving. What would I do if we were unable to find the money …show more content…
When reading about this view point I found myself agreeing with a lot of it, parts such as the concept of duty. “Duty is the necessity of an action executed from respect for [moral] law” (311) This concept of duty, or the right thing, is appealing to me when I first think about it. I like to believe there are certain situations out there that are morally the wrong thing, and there is also the right thing. However, from our discussion on Nazi’s and hiding Jews, I realize sometimes rules we sent out for each other can be bent depending on the situation. While I am against killing another person it’s hard for me to imagine being put in the situation like we discussed in class and knowing lying was wrong and just handing over people to die, and also possibly causing trouble and danger for my own family. In a situation such as that I would have to look over all the facts, I would have to do whatever I could to protect those I loved like my family, and those who couldn’t protect themselves. This could lead me to lie, steal, or even kill and that would in turn be against my morals and what I would usually determine to be the right thing based on my rational moral decision …show more content…
It’s hard for me to agree that “..the ends justify the means.” (281) If we were to make a decision that was based just on our happiness and pleasure we might be in turn hurting another person, so I don’t think morally I could accept this approach unless more thought was put into how my decision would affect

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