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0. Introduction 1. Building the Foundation for Collaborative UX Design
Welcome everyone to the design process Build Empathy, Not Ego Master The Art of Critique Foster Collaboration Through Design Thinking Takeaway

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2. Collaborating on Product Design Planning
Collaboration Through User Interviews Team Collaboration Through Stakeholder Interviews Analyze Different Sources of Data
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That way, you reap the benefits of collective brainstorming and expert judgment. In this book, we’ll examine how to foster a collaborative culture, plan your product design more collaboratively, and how to treat design kickoffs as more than just a formality. We’ve included best practices from Venmo, Vice, Amazon, Hubspot and our own experiences from having worked at large companies prior to UXPin. Our hope with this book is to show that you can practice collaboration from the very beginning of the design process – not just when you’re looking for feedback on the second iteration of a wireframe or prototype. As you’ll see, collaboration doesn’t need to be formal, nor painful. It just needs to work. If you find this book helpful, feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it. The world can always use more people who understand how designers think.

Jerry Cao co-written by Kamil Zieba, Krzystof Stryjewski, and Matt Ellis

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