Factors Of Wage Inequality

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One of the many factors of wage inequality is known as geographical location. Some states or more specifically towns and businesses have different earning rates. Therefore there is more of a wage gap range. “Among the largest cities, Baltimore has the narrowest wage gap between men and women when controlled workers with the same job, skills, and education.”
Said Susie Poppick from “Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Women 's pay Equality” in Time magazine. It depends on what year it is but the amount of population and productivity in the city depends on how much wage gap there actually is. For example Mrs. Poppick explains that the amount of energy going on in Detroit Michigan causes that city to be the worst city for an uncontrolled wage gap. And the fairest
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Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Shipman say that “Compared with men, women don 't consider themselves as ready for promotions; they predict they’ll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities.” If women 's confidence affects the wage gap, and then the wage gap affects women 's confidence then it 's a never ending cycle. That is not good for women or men. If women cannot benefit from a business than men cannot benefit either. Wage inequality is a cycle that never ends. Kay and Shipman state that for the amount of women who apply for a promotion only when they felt 100% qualified and confident. However on the other hand men applied for promotions when they felt 50% qualified (Kay and Shipman 35). But the thing is men still get the promotion because men feel the same amount of confidence that women feel, only when they are at 50% rather than 100% as women do. If women don 't get a pay raises because society thinks men are more qualified than they are WRONG. Kay and Claire stated in the article that when it comes to women 's positions, women typically choose the lower paying jobs than higher jobs because their confidence gets in their way (Kay and Shipman 54).

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