Disparity In Cities

One of the many factors of wage inequality is known as geographical location. Some states or more specifically towns and businesses have different earning rates. Therefore there is more of a wage gap range. “Among the largest cities, Baltimore has the narrowest wage gap between men and women when controlled workers with the same job, skills, and education.”
Said Susie Poppick from “Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Women 's pay Equality” in Time magazine. It depends on what year it is but the amount of population and productivity in the city depends on how much wage gap there actually is. For example Mrs. Poppick explains that the amount of energy going on in Detroit Michigan causes that city to be the worst city for an uncontrolled wage
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It is difficult for graduates to find a job to put them in the direction of their career. It is also difficult knowing that work has segregated jobs. In the article from “Politifact Sheet: The Gender Pay
Gap” by Kate Sanders says that a reason for the pay gap is “occupational segregation” (Sanders
10). This is described as separation of men and women’s job fields. For example a field dominated by men would be construction or engineering. And a women dominated field would be like nursing, teaching or social services. If a women worked in a men 's field it is typical for her to get paid less, but if a man worked in a women 's field then there would be no pay gap.
There is one field that has an exception to this concept, it is advertising or marketing. Mrs.
Sanders states that the only reason women make more in marketing is because of the image women have to keep and sell (Sanders 15). No matter what race or gender society chooses to buy more products by women than when a man sells it to them.
Many of the stats from, Time magazine, pay-scale, and the U.S. census bureau of
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Mrs. Sanders also said that the median hourly wage is $12.12 but the hourly wage for men is not surprisingly higher at $14 an hour (Sanders 5). If this is true, not only are men dominating the salary wage gap, but they are also dominating the hourly wage gap too. Mrs. Hymowitz gave the statement that there are so many reasons that Americans naturally separate men and women 's pay, including hours, marital status, occupation, college major, and industry. All of these factors cause one of the major discrepancies in the business world of
America (Hymowitz 2). Who does it affect the most? It negatively affects women the most. It has been and will affect women until the wage gap is closed. Many people look at a women 's life and don 't see it though. It is not always about women 's work life; it is about their personal life as well, their confidence, the way they live and even her kids are the gender gap.
The biggest effect the wage gap has on women is confidence. It affects the way women ask for promotions and the way they live. The Atlantic published an article in May of 2014

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