Drugs : Drug Use And Addiction Essay

980 Words Sep 7th, 2016 4 Pages
People that are not addicted to drugs don’t understand why or know how a person becomes addicted to drugs. (DrugFacts: Understanding Drug Use and Addiction, 2016). Most people stated, “Those who are addicted to drugs, lack the moral principles or willpower to just quit.” Other view drug addiction as a complex disease and view quitting drugs a harder task because of how addicted the drugs are. Drug use occurs when someone wants to change something about their self such as; fitting in with a group, their peer or trying to be a part of today’s society, to escape reality, to help them relax, to release boredom, to seem like an adult and to experiment the feeling of being under the influence of a controlled substance. For drugs user drugs provided a short term help in relief the pain, which he or she is going through at the moment. A person’s who is a drugs user view drugs as a solution, but does not realize drugs are making the problem worse. Drugs cause a person brain and body to experience blur memory, blank spot and make that person feel slow or stupid. A person can lose everything that he or she work for because of drugs. When that person does not have anything and feel like a failure because he or she let drugs control their life. It will become harder for that person to stop using drug because he or she will want more drugs to help deal with the problem. The relationship between drugs and crime is complex, and one question is whether drug use leads people into criminal…

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