Essay about Drug Use And Its Effects On Drugs

1781 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Drug has existed since the beginning of American History. Drugs such as caffeine and alcohol has become part of American socialization, children grow up watching parents drinking alcohol. Most of the drug users uses drugs in social settings or due to peer pressure. In this society, there are many stigma and myths around drugs and drug abusers. Certain drug users, mostly Blacks and low income individuals, are often portrayed as murderer, abuser, thief. Anti-Drug laws did nothing, but increased in prison population and anarchy. Anti-Drug war of 1986 has been promoting discrimination against race and class and stigma around drug abusers. These laws have created unfair system for many individuals who come from different race and class. This essay will discuss about racial and class inequality and myth and stigma caused by media influence on drugs. Drug use can be made safer if people are considerate, well prepared and aware of the means to lessen the risks associates with the use of particular drug, then using drugs won’t be dangerous. According to Dalgarn, & Shewan, set and setting of a drug user play a huge role; set refers to the mindset and setting refers to the environment of the user. Different users have different experiences with drugs. In the article called “Why people Take Drugs”, author mentions that Carl started using drugs in a social setting. Becky and Monique also started snorting cocaine in social setting. Research shows that most of the users try drugs with…

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