Drug Trafficking And Urban African American Youth Essay

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The service that I chose to research was drug trafficking. The sources that I have utilized in this paper are, "Female Drug Smugglers On The U.S.-Mexico Border: Gender, Crime, And Empowerment”, "The Structure of Drug Trafficking Mafias: The 'Ndrangheta and Cocaine", International drug trafficking: a global problem with a Domestic solution”, "Internet-Mediated Drug Trafficking: Towards A Better Understanding Of New Criminal Dynamics", "Narco-terrorism: the new discovery of an old connection" , "Coercion And Its Unintended Consequences: A Study Of Heroin Trafficking In Southeast And South West Asia.", "Drug Trafficking And Urban African American Youth: Risk Factors For PTSD", “Drug Trafficking" and Social and Political Conflicts in Latin America: Some Hypotheses”. This research has lead me to believe that strain theory is able to explain drug trafficking.
Matthew S. Jenner’s Article “International drug trafficking: a global problem with a domestic solution takes a very modern approach to the never ending issue of drug trafficking. He initially lays blame for the development of the drug trafficking market to globalization stating “Globalization has transformed the world economy over the past forty years” (Jenner 901). This article claims that the most dangerous aspect of the illicit drug market and thousands of kilograms of illegal drugs make their way into our country every day. Jenner also claims that efforts to combat drug trafficking have ultimately failed and one option…

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