Drug Resistance Against Conventional Therapies Of Cancer Essay

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Drug resistance against conventional therapies of cancers is an unfavorable phenomenon which reported by numerous authors (20-22). So, to overcome drug resistance in different cancers researchers have turned to use new tumor therapy approaches based on creating change in kinetic of immune modulators (15, 23, 24). In this regard, SEB is a potent superantigen which can deteriorate tumor cells through growth inhibition and apoptosis inducing. Furthermore, SEB plays critical roles against different cancers by immune responses activation (25, 26).
In the present study, we have documented that BM-MSCs are a strong factor with noticeable effects on the biology of myeloma cells. Also, BM-MSCs could change results of SEB on myeloma cell line. Furthermore, here our investigations have demonstrated that conventional cross-talk between myeloma cells and MSCs have altered by SEB.
The role of MSCs in malignant cells biology had been extensively proved by numerous studies. In line with this, several authors suggested supportive effects of MSCs in cancer cells proliferation, survival, and progression. Also, recent studies have indicated that MSCs have supportive effects for tumor cells through cell to the cell contacts or through soluble factors such as IL-6, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), and Vascular Epidermal Growth Factor (VEGF) (23, 27-29). IL-6 was shown by Kanazawa T and colleague as a potent factor which directly enhances proliferation and invasion of cancer cells in head and neck…

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