Drug Courier Profile Essay

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When it comes to articulating facts for reasonable suspicious this can seem similar to profiling on the behavior and occasion. Drug courier profiles are created on the patterns and behaviors that drug couriers usually demonstrate, so then the can be used to identify other drug couriers. There are drug courier profiles and when it comes to the whether they can qualify as reasonable suspicion might depend on the court. Some court think that it can amount t reasonable suspicion id there are additional important facts added. This is still again an open ended issue, since not only is it controversial but the questions of whether a drug courier conformity can amount to reasonable suspicion was not really answered (Cloud 1985). Drug courier profiles are focused on behavior. The case Reid v. Georgia attempted to deal with courier drug profiles and whether it was enough to establish reasonable suspicion, eight justices said that the …show more content…
Ohio, reasonable suspicion, and the actions allowed on its basis are all interesting concepts that the court has their rationale for backing. Reasonable suspicion is more abstract because it doesn’t only take the police officers experience to prove suspicion. Some of the developments that allow officers to use reasonable suspicion are traffic sops and protective sweeps. Terry like stops based on reasonable suspicion have even created profiles such as, drug courier profiles where they try to focus on certain behaviors exhibited based on the behaviors and patterns from past drug couriers. The Courts attempt to give guidelines for what is permissible under reasonable suspicion, yet it looks like from cases like Reid, that they have avoided touching matters that may be to controversial or at least making it set and stone. Further, one can understand why the establishment of a drug courier profile conforming under reasonable suspicion could be an issue, since most of the time they have found it is based on

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