Drug Addiction Is A Big Problem Essay

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Did you know that drug-related overdoses have risen fifty six percent in the past ten years in America? Also, drug addiction has reached epidemic levels across the world with 230 million drug abusers (Sederer). Most people don’t realize how big drug addiction really is, it ruins families, relationships, and most importantly it destroys your body. The song, The A Team, written and performed by Ed Sheeran addresses the issue of drug abuse when analyzed using cultural criticism.
Drug addiction is a big problem in the world today with 230 million drug users world wide. In America it doesn’t get any better with 19.9 million people using illicit drugs in 2010 (Sederer). Drug laws are in every state and prohibit the manufacture, possession, and sale of certain type of drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and heroin. Steven Kassels once said “We, as a society, have arbitrarily differentiated between acceptable and unacceptable drug addictions.”
Drug abuse has always been presented through the media in a negative way. On television, social media, and even in newspapers. They give statistics on deaths caused by drug overdoses and even tell some life stories from time to time to let the people know what could happen to you if you use these drugs. President Barack Obama speaks at a drug abuse summit in Atlanta: “The most important thing to do is reduce demand. And the only way to do that is to provide treatment – to see it as a public health problem and not a…

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