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“The Dream of the Rood”
In “The Dream of the Rood”, the unknown poet uses lines 125-156 to develop the theme of triumph achieved by Christ as a warrior king, bringing the dreamer to realize there is hope for a better life after death. The poet develops these notions by the use of heroic diction, symbolism, and irony. These lines are significant to the text as a whole because they allow the dreamer to summarize the sermon of salvation that the rood has preached. They also mark the change of reaction given by the dreamer from hopeless to hopeful.
One of the major themes developed throughout “The Dream of the Rood” is triumph. In lines 13-16, the dreamer described the tree as being a jewel covered tree of triumph. This brings out the
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He is no longer afraid of the “beautiful image” of the cross, nor the power of God. No longer feeling undeserving to be in the presence of the rood. Lines 13-14 suggest that the dreamer felt intimidated and unworthy of the rood because he is tarnished by sin. But now the dreamer has the courage to ask God for forgiveness after hearing the rood’s sermon of salvation. He is ready to seek “the King of Glory” and allow him into his life. The dreamer now looks forward to allowing the Lord to take him from his life on earth to the paradise known as heaven (lines 136-140).
Ironically, the rood goes through feeling the same way the dreamer did in the beginning of the poem. The rood is drenched in sorrow and feels unworthy to be in the presence of someone as courageous as Jesus. The rood confesses to feeling guilty having been part of Christ’s crucifixion. Lines 66-67, the rood refers to itself as Christ’s slayer. It feels it has been perfidious to its Warrior Lord and that betrayal has led to the death of its ring-giver. The rood has a close connection with Jesus, shown in lines 19-20, when it begins to bleed from its right side, just as Jesus did while on the cross. The rood itself wants to ask for forgiveness and possibly feels that it must be redeemed of its own sin of participation with the death of Christ. At the same time, its sins cannot be redeemed if Christ doesn’t go

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