Dream Job Interview Essay

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Landing your dream job often involves dealing with recruitment agencies. Whilst job boards and company connections are useful tools in the job hunting process, connecting with a recruiter can be quick way to get your foot on the career ladder. When it comes to dealing with recruiters, direct contact is often the best. So, what should you say and ask when calling recruiters? Here are tips to help you, along with samples of the script you could use.

1 Prepare before the call

Before you make the call, you should spend a bit of time preparing for it. The call will be more effective, you’ll feel less nervous, and you’ll get more out of it, if you are on top of the topics you want to bring up.

Prepare for the call by focusing on the following
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I noted the ZX Recruiting business is in charge of the recruitment process and received your contact details at the reception.” o “So, I’m in the middle of turning my career around and I would like to figure out if I have a chance of venturing into the marketing industry with my qualification. The ZX Recruiting is among the leading marketing recruitment agencies, so I wanted to give you a call.” o “I’m interested in job opportunities in the hospitality sector and my contact gave me your details, as you helped her a few years back and told me to give you a call.”
• Briefly state your current work status: o “I’m currently working as a sales manager in a local supermarket and therefore believe I would be a good fit for the role with my experience.” o “Although I currently work as a journalist in an international newspaper, I think by skills could be well suited for the marketing industry, in terms of writing and creativity.” o “I’m between jobs right now, having worked in the hospitality sector both in starting positions and in a managerial level, and therefore have good references to move further in my
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However, you shouldn’t just focus on the things you want to say, but also pay attention to what you don’t want to say. If you are talking with a recruiter, these topics and sentences should not be part of the conversation:

• “I want a job.” – Yes, the recruiter knows you do; you don’t need to state it.
• “I am the perfect candidate.” – So humility; while you might be the best pick eventually, you need to convince the recruiter with tangible examples, not over-confident statements.
• “Suggest me the perfect role.” – While the recruiter might definitely be able to point you in the right direction and even offer you roles, you shouldn’t ask them to do so outright. It’s much better to show initiative and enthusiasm, rather than sit and wait for the call.
• Don’t ask questions that can be answered by reading the job posting you are calling about. Read the information carefully and only ask further information, not what is already out there.
• In addition, you don’t want to provide them with information they already have. If you’ve applied to a role before the call or you’ve sent them your CV, you can reference to it, but don’t go over your qualifications in depth during the

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