Dramatic Themes In Rit Rita

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Register to read the introduction… Rita sought education to create a better life for herself and through that pursuit found herself and a friend. She helped Frank possibly realise that he wasn’t so useless after all and got the education she so desired.

Comment on my choice of content and what it shows about frank and how he changes over the play
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As Rita progresses, Russell uses a range of dramatic techniques and tensions between the two characters to explore themes of the personal, class, relationships, gender, dependence, superiority and education, and the structure shows a clear crossover within their respective roles. I felt I needed to convey this change and crossover in my monologue, that bitter sweet feeling of nostalgia, of choices and chances not taken, that black comedy and almost Shakespearian tragedy that we are left with at the end of the play, of a chance of love lost. I wanted to show the emotional change within Frank and the passion that Rita had

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