Dr. Martin Luther King Essays

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In this primary source Dr. Martin Luther King one of few who stood and defended the Student Sit-ins, addressed the student’s sit-in movement in front of the Members of the Fellowship of the Concerned of the Southern Regional Council. Dr. King makes many valid points on what the student movement of 1961 stands for and why he supports it. He also provides historical evidence on why the movement is meant for good and is nonviolent. Different methods are being provided to show the difference in the student movement and those of other oppressed individuals that fought against oppression. Also why Dr. King believes this movement is worth the fight. There are many key moments in history where there have been uproars, rioting, and boycotting many of these leading to violent acts. Many with little to anything to fall back on or an ultimate goal that could change the life of millions. When something is worth fighting for, the upmost respect can be provided without retaliating with external violence or even internal spiritual violence. In history there have been three ways of dealing with oppression, like the one being used in this primary source. (Pg.7-8 2nd primary source)
In history there has been ways that populations have tried to fight oppression. In the document Dr. King states the three different ways that have been used. The first way being the method of acquiescence also known as the method of surrender, Also the one we used in America for western civilization, and lastly…

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