Essay about Dr. Lee Younger From The Great Sun

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When it comes to the American Dream, people think of doing something to make themselves affluent. In 1959, African Americans had to face racism due to their color and culture. Therefore, it was difficult for African Americans to accomplish the American Dream. Walter Lee Younger from the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, goes through different stages. He dreams of owning a liquor store to make money. Through the Younger family, Hansberry explores the truth of an African American middle-class family during the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S who struggle financially, because of the racism that existed against African Americans society. Additionally, the main character Walter is selfish, angry and ignores his family’s needs, which causes additional financial crisis for his family. Moreover, he originally focuses on buying his liquor store. Yet, he later realizes that his destiny was to support his family, not to chase after his dream. As Walters tries to progress, he realizes that his path to find a job could be difficult due to racism. He probably will have to struggle to be happy financially.
Hansberry’s play is a model to represent the struggles in the African Americans society community during the Civil Rights era. Hansberry’s combine and contradict personal and various age ranges was a dynamic performance that symbolized African American Younger families in the play during the Civil Rights period (Matthews 562). In the play, the main purpose of using…

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