Essay about Dr. King 's Statement

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The Letter revealed Dr. King’s disappointment in the church’s response to the plight of African-Americans during the 50s and 60s. He writes, “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever.” (530) Dr. King disclosed that he received a letter, while incarcerated, that suggested that African-Americans would eventually get freedom, but Dr. King was criticized for his untimely protest and was accused of employing extreme actions, such as his peaceful protest, to accomplish his goals of racial harmony. Dr. King went on to elaborate that there was not a more perfect time to demand justice and the church leaders should also feel that the timing was on target because, according to Dr. King, he believed that justice too longed delayed is justice denied. We are still seeking racial justice within our world today. Yet, the church and church leaders need to be more visible while addressing such issues.
As we have seen happen in the delayed indictment of police officers that utilized extreme tactics to murder unarmed African-Americans, such as Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Kajuan Raye, and Samuel DuBose. I argue that Dr. King’s personal Letter from Birmingham jail of 1963 is a document that echoes the same sentiment of many laypersons, activists, church leaders, and grassroots organizations of 2016. Yet, the historical connection of the church’s reaction to racial inequality is questionable, what is the church’s current response to racial segregation and injustices towards…

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