Dr. King 's Audience Essays

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An Analysis of Dr. King’s Audience Famous Dream
Was Martin Luther King Jr. really as great a speaker as he is remembered as? His speeches did move people, but which people?
Seldom did Dr. King ever address white people while giving a speech since his usual purpose was to rile the Negroes into fighting their (white) oppressors. The trademark aspects of his speeches such as the rhythm and call and answer format were used due to his familiarity with the Baptist church. His realizing that religion lies at the heart of Negro tradition allowed him to cater to their familiarities while ignoring or even disqualifying the white traditions he was not raised with for the progression of his movement. If Dr. King were to broaden his intended audience to white people in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech he would have to change his reliance on black culture and slandering of the white way of life to acceptance and validation of American ideals. Simply mentioning the word God can hold significance for some people, especially within the Negro community. In just the first half of the speech, Dr. King was already mentioning that “the glory of the lord shall be revealed” once people of all color come together (2). Martin Luther King had hardly gotten into why the Negroes should have equal rights and was already bringing the Lord onto his side. While he caould count on this having a lasting effect on the black Baptist community, the same assumption cannot be made while…

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