Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde : Trouble Caused By Experiments And Elements Of Dual Personality

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In my short story, my aim was to focus on two of the main themes from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; trouble caused by experiments and elements of dual personality. The story focuses on the protagonist, Charles, who is similar to Dr Jekyll in many ways. He is portrayed as a troubled scientist who chooses to experiment on animals even though it could potentially cause him to lose his wife, which at the end of the story he dramatically does. I attempted to capture lots of emotion, which Stevenson doesn’t do in ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ but tried to capture the same tense atmosphere that Stevenson does by using flashbacks, letters and lots of adjectives and long sentences. Furthermore, I employed some of the same techniques as Stevenson such as explaining minor details, metaphors and description of characters thoughts and feelings. These techniques helped me to make the story interesting and more in the style of Stevenson.

Both Stevenson and I used the technique of explaining minor details in our stories to add substance to the story. When the protagonist in my short story described his infuriated wife’s face as ‘wet with tears, her eyes red and swollen’ , it would make the reader feel sorry for the wife and wonder why she was crying because it had not been revealed in the story yet. It suggests that the protagonist felt slightly guilty and makes the reader think that he is most likely the cause of these tears. The adjective ‘swollen’ provides an image for the imagination; it allows…

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