Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Compare And Contrast

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In the novel, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Dr. Jekyll was a handsome young man who enjoyed others company. Eventually, he started to become more and more isolated. He deviated from ever being seen by even some of his loyal servants. A hideous transformation occurred and changed Dr. Jekyll. He turned into a small, hard to look at being. Dr. Jekyll figured this was his alternate self of how he felt. He named it Mr, Hyde. In the next three paragraphs, I will compare and contrast Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde through their mental, physical, and morals.

First, lets speak on how they are similar in their mental states. Dr. Jekyll was a very open man He would answer nearly anything and be upfront with someone about a situation. This changed however when Mr. Utterson asked him more about Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll didn't like Mr. Hyde at all and wanted to avoid the topic as quickly as possible. To Mr. Utterson, he felt as if Dr. Jekyll was hiding a secret or two. This makes Dr. Jekyll seem more disloyal than what he originally turned to so be. Mr. Hyde is very similar to this type of behavior. Whenever he would come home, he never stayed longer than an hour. Most of his servants barely ever see him since he's so often in and out. When Mr. Utterson came by the household of Mr. Hyde, the servant woman let him inside. Mr. Utterson observed that Mr. Hyde
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Jekyll wouldn't seem like the man to hide secrets, get sick, and try to isolate himself from the public. He began as a man who wanted to go outside and be friendly while in others company. Mr. Hyde does seem like a man who would hide secrets, want to be hideous, and isolate himself. He purposely don't stay home long so no one can get to understand him. He even murdered a person just to make sure no one would try to find him. They both may seem like very different people, but they end up being just the same. They may have different methods of obtaining the things they want, but at least they earned it one way or

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