Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, And Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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The seductive mistress of science has not alluded the minds of the few that know how to innovate it and the masses who take advantage of it every day. Whether the advancement be in the realm of medicine or in the dominion of electronics, humans use the application of the field as a positive benefit in their lives. However, science can easily be transformed into something devastating and harmful to the human race; scientists have been able to design the cure for polio as well as atomic technology capable of wiping out much of the world in a nuclear holocaust in a matter of hours. These abilities that exist in science have been able to adapt its capabilities from the real world into literature; it has been able to seep itself into the novels of Stephen Crane’s The Monster, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. (describe the novels). Using the advent of science to link the three novels together, the protagonists will be analyzed to understand their respective progression into becoming the outcasts of their communities as well as how they each branch off from their similar fates. Henry Johnson is introduced into the world of Whilomville as someone who works for Dr. Trescott, the respected doctor of the area. He is immediately seen as the caretaker for the doctor’s son, Jimmie Trescott. (quote about Henry being nice to Jimmie). Johnson’s interaction between other blacks are also seen to be amiable and positive,…

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