Dr. Jekyll And Hyde Essay

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Carol Senf even argues that, “The physical abuse that Milicent went
Shackelford 7 through could never amount to the psychological abuse that Arthur heaps on Helen” (Senf 451). Helen is blinded by her blind love of Arthur to see his darker side. Arthur’s personality can be compared to the popular novella of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. Arthur uses Dr. Jekyll to get Helen to fall in love with him. Once they became married, Hyde is the only side Helen ever comes in contact with. This can be seen every time she must succumb to his will. After one of their frequent arguments, Helen says, “ He greeted me with a transparent smile, but his triumphant satisfaction at having caught me at last, so shone through, that it was quite a failure” (Bronte 189). Helen is able to see right through Arthur’s façade, yet she keeps giving Arthur chance after chance. Wendy Craik makes the agreement that, “The final statement that pushes Helen over the edge is when Arthur tells Helen, ‘If you were in my position, you wouldn’t dare let a lady talk to you in such a way’” (Craik 41). Helen couldn’t stand the fact that not only does Arthur believe he can think and make decisions for her, but that he justifies his attitude by arguing that its his job as a man to keep women in their place. Bronte uses Arthur’s attitude towards Helen symbolizes the attitude most men of the Victorian Era had towards women.

Bronte argues that a marriage built off of blind love acts as a prison for women. Within her marriage, Helen…

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