Essay on Dr. Finely Was The Principle Of An Academy

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I would like to introduce you to a man. This man loved God and pursued Him diligently; he was a man who had weaknesses same as you and me, but also a man who had yielded his life to Christ and desired for God to work through him for God’s glory. I have come to admire this man very much. His name was Benjamin Rush.
In Benjamin’s early years he suffered the loss of his father. His mother moved her young family to Philadelphia where she opened a grocery store to provide for her children. Determined that her sons would have a good education, nine year old Benjamin was placed under the tutelage of his uncle, Rev. Dr. Finley. Dr. Finely was the principle of an academy in Nottingdam Maryland.
During the next few years of Benjamin’s young life a foundation of stone was laid that would stand firm through of life’s storms. Benjamin proceeded to attend the College of New Jersey, graduating at the age of fourteen.
For the next eight years he pursued training in medicine- six years under a celebrated Dr. Redman and another two years in England.
While Benjamin was in England the trustees of the College of New Jersey entrusted Benjamin with the job of convincing John Witherspoon- (who was then a Presbyterian minister in Scotland.) to accept the presidency of the college. Benjamin convinced Mrs. Witherspoon who had a fear of Indian attacks and thus managed to succeed in getting the Witherspoons to move to America.
When Dr. Rush returned to Philadelphia in 1769 he treated the poor and more…

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