Essay Dr. Faustus By Christopher Marlowe

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There are many books that people consider to be great books, but what does this truly mean? Because so many people have a different definition of what a great book is, can we truly define what a great book is? A person can define a great book as something that is enjoyable and entertaining to read or something that is difficult, but knowledgeable to read. What makes a great book, a great book? Either way the definition of a great book is determined by the context in which a person is using it. People typically think of a great book as something that has a bigger meaning or something that has a bigger purpose. When talking about what a great book is in the context of Western literature, which is the context in which this paper is defining a great book, a perfect example of what a great book is, is called Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. The definition of a great book is something that is used in the academic setting that is required to be read because of the lessons that it teaches and the topics that are learned from it (Hutchins, Robert M.). Traditionally most of the great books are found in college settings and are requirements for graduation or in a separate program titled Honors Program, but many people have heard about them periodically throughout their academic career because great books teach us numerous things about past history and how to not repeat it (Wikipedia). When comparing the great books to each other a person often finds that many of them have the same…

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