Dr. Faustus And Macbeth Essay

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In the story of Dr. Faustus, Faustus becomes unsatisfied with his usual books of

medicine, law, and logic, he, in turn, invests his time in dark magic. He makes a pact with the

Devil in return for power. Macbeth also becomes a victim of power when he meets the witches

and they tell him of his future prophecy as king. He then focuses on his “future” and becomes

focused on becoming the most powerful being in Scotland. Because of the supernatural forces

that seduce them to corruption, their desire for power is what lead to their downfall. In this essay,

I will discuss the roles Dr. Faustus and Macbeth play as characters who strive for power and in

result end with corruption. Both characters coming in contact with the supernatural were easily

influenced and undertook their own fates for their own ends by insolence. 
 Reading Dr. Faustus, it could be presumed that he was living in a righteous way by

reading enhancing books for an increase in knowledge, with the subjects of medicine, law, and

logic, but he then becomes curious about a life of power and honor. He, then, starts to invest

his time in using and learning the ways of magic. The Evil Angel tries to persuade Dr. Faustus,

“Go forward, Faustus, in that famous art, Wherein all Nature’s treasure is contain’d…Valdes,

sweet Valdes, and Cornelius, Know that your words have won me at the last to practise magic

and concealed arts”(pg. 5-6). Valdes and Cornelius were the ones to put the idea in his head…

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