Dr Ambedkar Conclusion

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For Dr. Ambedkar, Indian society was a division on a scale of castes which comprised of ascending respect and descending contempt for people. He regarded freedom of the entire country to have a whole different meaning than freedom of a single person. He always wanted to offer equal rights to those who were oppressed and down-trodden and believed that this would automatically lead to the freedom of the country.
India is a country constituting of many social groups who have altogether different choices, opinions, and viewpoints in a population of 1.252 billion (2013).These groups when go hand in hand with each other create peace and harmony and hence define the true Indian nation. Dr. Ambedkar considered every group an integral part of the nation
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Ambedkar’s point of view India could never progress until it had all the political power in the hands of people of India that to with the socially oppressed classes. He was against british political control prevailing in India and always wanted self-governance. He wanted India to have its own control, its own rules and regulations and own constitution as soon as possible. In support of his argument he said ‘We must have a government in which the men in power will give their undivided allegiance to the best interest of the country.’ From this viewpoint it was apparent that he wanted to awaken a kind of social and national consciousness amongst people. Dr. Ambedkar laid stress on internal unity or the unity which comes from the soul. This kind of unity creates a harmony which forms more deep effect on the minds and thinking of people as it created a sense of human brotherhood in the society. Dr. Ambedkar always spread awareness amongst people about the spreading spirit of blind hero worship as he believed that worshipping the nation and Indian soil is much better than worshiping the public leaders or heroes in the political front. This is often seen that political leaders who are usually in power prefer only those who worship them or who blindly follow them and ignore others who remain in their consciousness. Dr. Ambedkar, born and studied in western countries wanted not to …show more content…
Ambedkar was that why he and the untouchables didn’t participate in the freedom struggle. In simple and clear terms if Dr. Ambedkar didn’t show his keen interest in freedom struggle then he has to be anti-nationalist. But when looked through his and other untouchables’ perspective which comprised at least half of the then population of India, a complete different overtone could be noticed. Other people believed that the reason why untouchables didn’t participate in the struggle was because they were the tools of the British imperialism but Dr. Ambedkar had the truth in his mind as he was the only person who was closely linked with this community at that time. He said that the real reason was that this community of untouchables knew that the freedom of India would lead to hindu domination and due to this they could never get over with the slavery they had to witness and would always be regarded as the lower castes or

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