Donovan Livingston 's Speech On The Way Education Essay

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“And she introduced me to the sound of my own voice. She gave me a stage. A platform.” On May 25th, 2016 at the Harvard Graduation School of Education Convocation, Donovan Livingston delivered a universally acclaimed speech on the way education helped shaped who he is and how we should stand up for the right to be educated so we can make our hopes and dreams a reality. The point I want to get across is my perspective of the speech, which I saw as opportunity and hope. Opportunity and hope are the main things that helped me realize why education is important, thus clearing the pathway for a better future. Back in high school, specifically freshman and sophomore year, I used to aim for average. For example if all I needed was a C to pass a class or an assignment, that’s what I aimed for and if I ended up getting B or an A, I wouldn’t care. Livingston uses great imagery to convey that many people in the past and currently didn’t have either the money or privilege to have the kind of education I’m getting. “Over the rustling of our chains, Take them off. Un-cuff us. Unencumbered by the lumbering weight Of poverty and privilege, Policy and ignorance.” This quote struck a chord with me because it made me go wow, I’m here taking this opportunity for granted where there are probably thousands of people who would kill for this kind of chance. Livingston saying that reminded me of why you can’t let these chances slip away when you can always aim higher, thankfully as I got more…

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