Don 't Waste The Ballot Essay

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Don 't Waste the Ballot

America, the land where freedom is preached and opportunities are made is, a place where people are still trying to abolish racial tension. During the last year, the United States have been credited to have about 1,100 killings that were done within the police force (Oliver, Jon, Jamiles) The correlation between the killings and the police is that they include racial tension. The headline "unarmed black man" has become far too common in the media, and names such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are starting to ruin America 's reputation ( this sentence was a run-on sentence in the original document). In the "Ballot or the Bullet (the "b" in bullet was not capitalized in the original document )." Malcolm X believes that it is time for the diversity of genders, races, and religions to rejuvenate themselves and humanity by telling them to unite and fight oppression, degradation, and exploitation, by effectively using the rhetoric of ethos and pathos with a few logical appeals.

"The Ballot or the Bullet" is a famous speech that was written when the civil rights movement was enacted and black nationalist were rising. Of the black leaders, a man by the name of Malcolm X. "Malcolm X is undoubtedly one of the most prominent spokesmen of the Civil Rights era. His tactics, although controversial, have motivated millions to fight for their rights. His speech, The Ballot or the Bullet, is directed at African Americans and encourages them to stand up for…

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