Essay on Don 't Blame The Eater

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The article, “Don’t blame the eater,” is written by David Zinczenko (23 Nov. 2002).
Zinczenko (23 Nov 2003) claims in this article that he was overweight as a teenager because he only had fast food at his disposal; in the article he said there was usually a choice between
McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He shared personal experiences that contributed to his obesity and weight loss journey: He stated that his parents divorced when he was a child, and his single mother did not have time to cook for them. After he graduated from high school, we attended college, and later joined the Navy Reserves. By making these life choices, he said was able to learn valuable lessons in health and fitness that helped him shed his excess weight, and live a healthier life. Zinczenko (23 Nov 2003) said having those opportunities to learn saved his life. Zinczenko (23 Nov 2003) wrote the article “Don’t blame the eater,” in support of teenagers today who are suing fast food restaurants for “making them fat.” He argues that Fast Food restaurants make prepared food, and are not required by the FDA (Food and Drug
Administration) to have nutritional labels. Although the nutritional information is available upon request, it is not easily understood. He also argues that the healthy choices offered by Fast Food restaurants isn’t actually healthy. He closes his argument by saying that Fast Food chains should protect themselves from lawsuits by having nutritional labels that are easier to…

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