Don J. Deloris 's ' The And Clark And The Indian Country Essay

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America was growing up like how the buildings were built, more and more, better and better. Phillip J. Deloris, author of Playing Indian and Indians in Unexpected Places, had once praised on Frederick E. Hoxie and Jay T. Nelson book, Lewis and Clark and the Indian country. He said the book was “placing the expedition in the context of long environmental, social, and political histories, Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country retells the familiar stories in light of Indian experiences and survivals. This compelling and important collection marks a coming full circle to the Indian people who greeted the explorers’ foray into ‘new’ land.” According the book , Hoxie and Nelson illustrated the Manifest Destiny with the Lewis and Clark expedition, they demonstrated that the Manifest Destiny led the Native Americans as well as other outsiders moved forward and hoped bigger. Ranching, missionaries and teachers, and fur trade had significantly affected the expansion of Manifest Destiny by helping the economy, creating new skills, and expanding the population.
Ranching were helping to cover the cement of the Manifest Destiny road. According to the book, John M. Thayer, the senator, believed the Indian country needed a new food resource (232). This was happening and expanding very quickly. “Ranching attracted thousands of outsiders to the Indian country” (231). There were more people moved to the country because of the ranching business. But, “many groups lost control over their land…

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