Dominique Green Was Convicted Of Capital Murder Essay

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People tend to point fingers in situations involving one’s well-being, and a way to find out if someone is guilty or not guilty is always seen with being backed up with evidence. It is done from an early age for instances such as when kids are trying to find out who took the last lollipop. Which still happened to adults when maturing, only difference is that some are able to pass judgement on other on crimes or scenarios a person might have been or was involved in, which could lead to the final decision on what happens to the person. In this case, Dominique Green was convicted of capital murder, on the murder of Andrew Lastrapes, for being in a car with two other males “who were found in the backseat of the car in possession of a large handgun and a BB gun.” Which was later revealed that the handgun had been the murder weapon in the murder of Andrew Lastrapes. It is shown that Dominique might have indeed been in or near the scene, but didn’t participate in the murder of Mr. Lastrapes. But since “Texas treasures a legal wrinkle within its “law of parties” [in] according to [that] any participant in a crime that results in murder may be charged with the murder, even if he or she had nothing to do with committing the murder.” In a personal view of this statement, and later evidence gathered from the book, I believe Dominique Green was innocent and should have not gotten the death sentence.
Before beginning with the evidence given by the book, it’s believed that Dominique was…

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