Domestic Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

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Data: Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse
A direct relationship has been found between severity of substance abuse and the extent of conjugal violence (Brown et. al, 1999). The statistical relationship between the two has been proven: 59% of men in inpatient detoxification units have behaved violently toward their wives, 70% of abused wives describe their husbands as alcohol dependent, and 75% of surveyed wives of alcoholics report being threatened with physical harm (Chartas & Culbreth, 2001). The data that speaks the greatest volume in this study concerns assailants and substances: 92% of arrested domestic violence assailants have used alcohol or other drugs on the day of the attack (Chartas & Culbreth, 2001).
Another study established that substance use has been found to co-occur in 40% to 60% of intimate partner violence cases, male-to-female physical aggression is more than 11 times higher on days of men’s drinking than on days of no drinking, and 60% of all intimate partner violence episodes occurred within two hours of drinking by the male partner (Easton, 2006). Also of note is the fact that studies have shown a consistent relationship between the level of alcohol use and aggression, especially when other factors are present that would normally result in anger. The use of alcohol in these cases increases the level of aggressiveness of the response (Robert & Auerhahn, 1998).
This information cannot be understood to relay a causal relationship between alcohol…

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