Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Domestic Violence
Violence, particularly domestic violence is a very popular issue of social concern of these times, this is the reason why domestic violence is among very common topics of argumentative essays written by college and school students. Domestic Violence means a pattern of behavior which is used to establish control and power over other persons in the family through intimidation, usually including threats or violence. It includes the abusive behavior of parents towards their children or towards each other. Some experts define types of domestic violence as physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and verbal, and all these are considered extremely harmful to families, particularly to the younger members. It can not only damage the psychological form of family members, but also makes them fear, feel intimidated, or terrorized. It can also turn family members into a serious tool that manipulates people, hurt, injure and totally harm their overall health.
However, there are still some opinions that domestic violence is something which can help parents teach their kids good manners by knowing the right from the wrong (Rait 21). There also are different opinions about the issue of the modern mass media promoting this domestic violence by displaying numerous incidences and reporting about growing domestic violence cases. The controversies related to this issue are wide.
Since domestic violence mainly affects women, there are more shelters which cater for female…

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