Essay on Domestic Violence Against Women By Manju Kapur

1041 Words Nov 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Manju Kapur has explored the domestic violence against women in this novel. When Nisha stays at her aunt’s home, she feels that she is in her own home. Her aunt gives her motherly love and attention where she feels homely and attached to her. As Nisha was Mangli, which is considered as not good, everyone is concerned about her marriage. In Indian society, a Mangli is considered as destined to marry unfortunate, destined for misery, unless a similar Mangli could be found, with a similar fate and horoscope. For all these they need time. Nisha’s family needs time and education plays the gap-filling role for Nisha and her family. However, there were many opinions about the higher education of girls. In spite of being a woman, being a mother, Sona was against Nisha’s education. She considers domestic excellence superior to education.
In college, she falls in love with a low caste person for which her family did not allow her due to false conceptions of social discrimination. Kapur portrayed Nisha as constant bearer of oppression and gender discrimination within the institution of the family and the male dominated Indian society. At her home too, Nisha suffers from the marginalization and inferior looks imposed by her family members. She faced humiliation, discrimination and got treatment like an untouchable person by her brother’s wife Pooja. She wants to become human being with respect and dignity rather than staying at home where there is no place for her. She was so depressed…

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