Essay on Domestic Violence : A Legal Issue

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Theoretical Perspectives and their Implications:
In critically examining domestic violence as a legal issue in Canadian society, there are several identifiable sociological theories and perspectives that are reflected in the way we understand domestic violence as a society, and in how we address it as an legal issue. As outlined earlier, this paper focuses on domestic violence against women, predominantly by men, in order to offer more specific insight into the issue. As a result of this focus, the theories explored will focus on a feminist theoretical perspective, although other sociological theories will be drawn on through discussion of subsections of feminist theory. Feminist theory in general provides a valuable basic framework to explore the issue of domestic violence from. Although a number of subsets of feminist theory, there are commonalities that exist between the various facets. Luxton (2009) notes that one such commonality is the recognition of sexism’s role in the discrimination and inequalities experienced by women, and the focus on alleviating these inequalities (p. 41).
One of the most important movements that had an impact on the way we see and and understand domestic violence was radical feminism. As briefly discussed in the previous section, domestic violence did not appear in the public sphere, or in any political discussions until the 1970s and 80s. Prior to this, the issue was seen as private and personal matter. Radical feminism was a huge factor…

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