Domestic Spaces And Women 's Bodies Essay

1968 Words Mar 29th, 2016 8 Pages
Attacks on domestic spaces and women’s bodies “drew on the gendered imagery to represent blackness as subordination and vice and whiteness as authority and power” (p. 180→Houses). Blacks were removed from communities of respectable citizens through the violence (p. 182→Houses). Despite emancipation and formal legal equality, violence conveyed a symbolism of the assailants’ visions for southern society’s hierarchical racial order (181→Houses). White men claimed mastery over their households, their property, and the security of their family members as a powerful link to popular constructions of manhood and citizenship. So, through attacks on domestic spaces, these men acted out the impossibility of African American men obtaining this same mastery. In other words, white men took it upon themselves to make sure they obtained mastery and a social hierarchical over African Americans, and would punish any black man that was demonstrating the mastery that whites believed belonged to them (p. 181-182→Houses). A home for white southern men was the space and symbol of their identities and powers as men. In this world they were constituted as patriarchs and masters, and they exercise domestic authority. This in turn, was their justification for their claim to citizenship and political power (p.190→Houses). As a result, black men were unable to protect black women, therefore, supporting white men’s idea that a true man and citizen would be able to protect his wife and children from harm…

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