Domestic Abuse During The United States Essay

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There have been countless cases of domestic abuse in the U.S., but what most people treat as a joke, or pay no attention to at all, is when the victim turns out to be male. When looking up domestic abuse statistics or anything of the like, the results usually come up as ‘this percent of women are abused every year’ or ‘this number out of these many women are victims of domestic abuse’. Yet, there are few sources that point to men being victims of domestic abuse rather than as the abusers. Despite the little realization that abuse on males is happening, there are statistics on the matter, such as, “40% of domestic abuse victims being male, and for every five victims of domestic abuse, two will be male.” While this may defiantly be a lesser percentage of reports by women, this does not change the fact that domestic abuse of males is still an issue. There is no doubt that domestic abuse happens all around the United States. It is also not gender specific; as women have been hurt, so have men. Men should not be excluded as a victim of any form of abuse because it is sexist, inhumane, and can affect children in the presence of the act. Sexism is based on gender roles and stereotypes. Men are usually seen as the ‘strong and tough’ than women who are seen as ‘weak and fragile’. Due to this stereotype, this brings people to believe that men cannot be abused and because the women are the more delicate ones, when a male is a victim in abuse, society believes that ‘men cannot be…

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