Dolls House Essay

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"The Doll House" by Henrik Ibsen
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In Dollhouse, the husband Torvald treated Nora as a child with no mind and intelligence. His pet names for her in the beginning demonstrates how he didn’t not treat her as his equal. His lack of accepting her as an equal was also demonstrated in his ability to see that Nora was a smart woman and could see and do things for her. Ibsen used many strategies to get this point across. In one of his strategies he takes a common housewife and made her secretly intelligent he uses metaphors and irony. In applying that Nora, was treated like a doll in her perfect Dollhouse was really stating that Nora was treated like a doll in her husband’s house. For example Torvalds used
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In the end she came to understand exactly how her husband saw her and that her whole life of being a mother and wife was a lie. When faced with this she left Torvald declaring she did not love him and maybe never did.

In this piece the imagination of the writer brought a colorful play to the reader. His writing of the hardship of the school friend, the doctor who always stated that he was dying, and the desperate attempt to hide the truths from each character gave the reader the imagination that not all homes are really happy. That not all wives are blind from the treatment of their husbands, and that not all marriages are made out of love, but more out of the need to survive. Ibsen’s great imagination made this play a pleasure for the reader to read. I could see myself in the living room of the Helmers house watching all drama unfold in front of me. I was present in the playful way Nora played with her children after a cold day outdoors. And I was present when Nora realized that her husband was not all she made him out to be and in the end leaving him.

Doll House was more than a play it was the coming of age for a woman who would not be treated the way she was anymore. The understanding that in that time men really did see women more as dolls than as equal members of the family. Finally this play was a drama set in a time of unfairness and rising from that to find ones voice and to lead a life worth

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