Does Religion Affect Our Life Affect My After Life? Essay

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Religion is not a word that could be defined by one strict meaning. It is, in a sense, limitless. The terminology can be applied to sports, “Football is my religion”. It can be something someone does routinely, “I religiously go to visit my parents”. Yet the most common practice of the word religion typically deals with a set of beliefs, regarding after life, gods, and how your time on earth should be spent. People desperately try to define religion. Reason being, simply because people want to explain the unknown, they want answers to questions they cannot begin to fathom. What is good, in relation, what is evil? What is the meaning of life? What happens after death? Does how I live my human life affect my after life? Answers to these questions have been sought out over thousands of years. However in order to find answers, one first must answer what is religion.

To help clarify the board range of religion it helps to first examine many different definitions. In the first example, Ira Howerth of What Is Religion, says, “The first step toward a clear understanding of religion is to distinguish carefully between religion and religions. Religion is the root, the source, the parent of religions”. (Howerth) In other words religion spawned in to many different routes. There is not a way to lump every religion together. To look at another varying definition of religion, note 20th century German-American theologian Paul Tillich, “Religion is ultimate concern.” He goes on to…

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