Does Land Acquisition For Public Interest Affect The Human Rights?

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Does land acquisition for public interest in Indonesia violate human rights?

Land is a treasure on earth that in the entire history of human civilization unceasingly provide a complicated problem. This is logical, given that land is the most important factor in determining the production of every phase of civilisation (reference). The Indonesian government also has a lot of land problems, as a developing country that focuses on infrastructure development, the availability of land becomes very important. Unfortunately, the fast growing population in the country has led to the availability of land for development becomes very limited. Therefore, the government then issued land acquisition law number 2/2012, regarding land acquisition process for development in the public interest projects in 2012. However, the implementation of this law frequently viewed by Indonesian human rights activists as an offense against human rights.

In general, the ownership rights of land usually within the scope of land laws and it is not directly perceived as a human rights matters. In fact, under international law, there is no human right to land (Gilbert, 2013). However, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), after going through various discussions, declare that under article 17 of Universal Declaration “everyone has the right to own property” and “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property” (UDHR, 1948). The main reason the declaration of property rights is because…

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