Does Autism Be A Disorder? Essay

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Autism is known to be a disorder generated genetically and by environmental factors but is extremely complex for researchers to understand. Farida El-Baz, Nanees Ismael, and Sahar El-Din conducted a study to find possible risk factors for autism. Throughout this study, researchers looked for many factors such as age of child and parent, symptoms developed, IQ levels, and severity.

“This case control study was conducted at pediatric hospital, Ain Shams University on, 100 autistic patients who were subjected to the followings tools: Confirmation of diagnosis using DSM-IV-TR criteria, IQ assessment using Stanford–Binrent intelligence scale, and assessment of severity of autistic symptoms using childhood autism rating scale (CARS). Full clinical examination, neurological examination, EEG and audiological assessment were also done” (El-Baz, Ismael, and El-Din, May 2011).

Once those examinations were done on all 100 autistic patients, eighty-two males and eighteen females, the researchers found that forty-six percent of the patients were one and a half years old and thirty-two percent were two years old. With autistic children, symptoms don’t typically occur until around age two because many of the symptoms are only recognizable once a child is developing more. Lack of communication is usually seen between ages one and three and is one of the first red flags that physicians look for when diagnosing autism. “In 72% of our patients, the condition presented with delayed speech, in…

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