Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should? Essay

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Sociology 2160-100The article “Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should?” by Dan Slatermarch asserts in many ways why affirmative action does work and why it doesn’t work. Clarence Thomas who is now an associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States stated reasons on why he opposed affirmative actions. In the article he told New York Times in 1982, “that affirmative action placed students in programs above their abilities (par 5).” He later on begin to assert how he watch the destruction of many kids when he was in college because of affirmative action. Scholars later begin to refer to his theory as mismatch being that it can harm students placing them in a school that they’re not smart enough to attend and therefore having a tough time keeping up. His theory didn’t mean that students shouldn’t try to attend an elite university, but instead if they do they will not benefit as much as their classmates who are already so advance. Richard H. Sander a law professor at U.C.L.A agreed with Clarence Thomas theory when he wrote an article on how affirmative action affected law students. He claimed, “A student who gains special admission to a more elite school on partly nonacademic grounds is likely to struggle more (par 8).” Mr. Sanders later asserts how struggling can lead to lower grades and a less effort to learn leading to many bad outcomes such as problems in the job market, higher attrition rates, and lower pass rates on the bar. The data they use to confirm…

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