Essay about Do Young Children 's Lives Matter?

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Do young children’s lives matter? What standards do we look upon to have a successful education? Our nation today stresses the importance of higher education. However, society is negligent to recognize the benefits of young children’s fundamental development in early childhood education, such as preschool. Young children between three to four years of age need the ability to build on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.
These initial qualities of growth will assist young children to transition easily into kindergarten, as has been seen in certain states with broader access to early education. Most importantly, the first four years of life have a major impact on how their brain develops. These principles will allow young children to further their academic skills, and support their continuing success as learners and students throughout their education. It is essential that young children have access to early education regardless of socioeconomic status. Because of the benefits of early education, governments should see the advantage of providing access to this education to all young students.
America has struggled to receive support from the community with regards to the importance of early childhood education [for more than 150 years] (Beatty). Preschool was launched, in 1816, by a philosopher named Robert Owen. He developed the program for young children whose parents were absent throughout the day (Davidson et al 1989). Notably, since that time…

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