Do You Love The Earth As Much As You Pizza? Essay

734 Words Nov 30th, 2015 3 Pages
Do you love the earth as much as you love pizza? In an advertisement for Pizza & Love, a pizza place that uses recycled pizza boxes is a photograph of an opened brown pizza box with one slice of pizza left. The grease remaining on the box from the eaten pizza is in the shape of earth, and its continents. The last slice of pizza is loaded with greens, but only a certain spot to help fill in the missing piece of the earth from the grease. On the left hand side of the print-ad there are the words in that state “Fight for the last slice.” In the bottom right hand corner is the Pizza & Love’s logo that says, “We make pizza not global warming.” This print-ad is very well thought out, and makes you think about the deeper meaning behind the ad.
In this print-ad, the first thing that caught my attention was the how the one slice of pizza left in the box was only covered in greens on one side. It took a little to realize that the leftover grease and pizza combined to create the earth. But once it clicked, the whole ad came together and made perfect sense to me. I think the advertiser created this image to put the whole global warming problem into perspective. The words on the box that states “Fight for the last slice,” stood out, not only because they are in big bold font, but also because there is a deeper underlying meaning behind the statement. I feel as if the artist was trying to tell us to stand up for the world and not litter, basically fight for a healthy place to live in and…

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