Do you agree with the view that the Beatles “changed the world in the sixties”?

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Do you agree with the view that The Beatles “changed the world in the sixties”?

It’s clear from any angle that The Beatles had an incredible impact on the world in the sixties, but I think it’s evident stating they “changed the world” is going too far, and in actual fact they merely reflected a changing world. Source 18 mentions the view that “The Beatles changed the world in the sixties”, and it references to some of the contemporary debates from the decade, which the four-man band had an influence on: “legalization of drugs, the war in Vietnam” and “traditional and alternate religions”. Ian Inglis also declares them as one of the “twentieth century’s more significant achievements” which is true to an extent – some of their views and
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Not only did their views on alternate religions make headlines, so did their opinions on traditional faiths. August 1964, the Beatles press officer said the band were “so anti-Christ they shock me which isn’t an easy thing” – this opinion is furthered by Lennon’s 1970 song “God” in which he sings “I don’t believe in Jesus” and “I don’t believe in Bible”. Also notice the lyrics his 1970 song Imagine, “imagine there’s no heaven… no hell below us... no religion too”. The sixties was still a time where traditional faith was strong, people went to church every Sunday and the contraceptive pill was only legalized in 1961 – so for the four men to openly express they’re non-believers, it was shocking. New youth culture would have seen it as an escape to live life with more freedom, as the older and younger generation gap was wider than ever – young people looked up to the band as idols. The famous four lead this contemporary debate more than other factors did – they helped to shape a new younger religious culture, supported by source 17, they made new religion and dismissal of the traditional “instantly chic for the millions of fans who looked to the group for guidance”.

Furthermore, the Beatles drug use was constantly in the press during the sixties – a time where the world learnt more and more about different pills, inhalants and injections. Source 18 states that the Beatles opinions on the “legalization of drugs” were “sought out, heard and acted

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