Divorce : Causes And Effects Essay

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Divorce has many causes, however there are even more effects. The causes can range anywhere from arguing to much to as serious as physical abuse. Some of the things that people do in a relationship can really surprise you. When my parents divorced I was way too young to comprehend what was going on. However as I got older I started to get curious and just wanted to know why my parents couldn’t be together. That’s one example of an effect that divorce has on kids. Of course there are far worse effects that occur, however that was just one that I’ve had personally.

As I said above, divorce has many causes and effects. However right now we’re going to focus on the causes. One cause that is at the top of the list for causing divorces is cheating. As was posted on “the top 8 most reasons for divorce Msn.com”, which of course cheating was the very first one. With that being said there are still very many other reasons why people in relationships get divorces. For instance, trust is also a very good example of a very popular cause of divorces. This fact was found on “The top 10 reasons for divorce.” Even though trust seems like a minor subject when it’s put up next to cheating. However those two subjects are very similar in a distinct way. Trust ties into cheating, if a man cheats on his wife it’s a secret, it’s a lie. Once a spouse cheats a lot of trust is lost. As a result that may lead into divorce, which cheating nine times out ten does. Another really popular…

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