Divine Nature Of The Universe Essay example

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Divine nature of the Universe is a highly controversial topic engrossing the minds of philosophers since the Antiquity up to nowadays. Mostly these controversies arise from the inconsistency of theological explanations on the nature of religion. Another topic under debates is on the subject on Human nature. In the given paper, I am going to compare Cleanthes’ and Philo’s views on Deity and reflect upon their disagreements on the inductive argumentation, and provide the explanation of deductive reasoning in Descartes’ “Meditations of first philosophy”. The key concept of a worldview promoted by Cleanthes states that God can be beheld via one’s observations and the process of thinking. He is an advocate of a so-called “natural religion”. All his conclusions are based on analogy between theological and natural. What is more, he represents human mind as such that is able to penetrate into the divine substance. The inductiveness of his judgments arise from the method of applying qualities of visible world onto the substance covered from man’s eye. Underpinning his point, he says,
Look round the world, contemplating the whole thing and every part of it; you’ll find that it is nothing but one big machine subdivided into an infinite number of smaller ones, which in their turn could be subdivided to a degree beyond what human senses and faculties can trace and explain (Hume, 10).
By dividing whole into pieces, Cleanthes moves from bigger to smaller, from elementary to…

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