Persuasive Essay On Disneyland

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Disneyland. With just this one word you already know what Disneyland is, it is the happiest place on Earth filled with many adventure, fun, and dreams for kids and adults the magical park some called it. Disneyland began its construction on July of 1954 with Walt Disney’s 160 acre of land he purchased in Anaheim, California just outside of Los Angeles. Disney spent about $17 million building the theme park which took a year to finish. Since Disneyland’s opening on July 17, 1955 it’s been a must to go place to visit and had been hosting more than 14 million visitors each year who spend close to $3 millions just within the theme park. With many visitors visiting Disneyland, Disneyland has its pros and cons, but if you prepare before hand and do your research then you will have a better experience at Disneyland. …show more content…
It not only attracts parents to bring their children for a day of fun at Disneyland but now in days it had attracts many Disney fans goers who are either single or Disney fan couples who spent every year on their anniversary dreaming away at the “Magicial Park” and excited to meet their favorite Disney characters in person and greeting each and everyone with a happy and smiling face. No matter what age you are it is an exciting place to be. With Disneyland consistently upgrading and building new attraction to the theme park kept on exciting and attracting people to come back every year and a little help of knowing and preparing for the next trip to visit Disneyland smoothly

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