Disney Swot Analysis Essay example

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CLASS: Global Public Relations ASSIGNMENT: Analyze any SWOT factors that may affect Disneyland when built in Shanghai
Strengths:  ‘About 300 million potential customers live within two hours of the [Shanghai] sight’ (Source 4) Creates opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising. Locals of the Shanghai/Pudong District will most likely be the early adopters to the park and have the money to spend there. Shanghai has the highest GDP in China.  ‘[China has] 1.3 billion increasingly wealthy people--290 million of them under 14, Disney's prime audience’ (Source 8) Situation is ideal. Children have a strong influence regarding how their parents spend money.  ‘Retail sales are growing 17% a year in China after adjusting for inflation, almost
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 Shanghai starts the year shivering in midwinter, when temperatures can drop below freezing and the vistas are gray and misty. Spring brings warmth; April to mid-May is probably one of the best times to visit there, along with autumn (late September to midNovember). in summer the hot and humid weather makes conditions outside uncomfortable, with temperatures sometimes as high as 40°c (104°f) in July and august. in short, silk long johns and down jackets are needed in winter, an ice block for each armpit in summer and an umbrella wouldn't go astray in either of these seasons (Source 10) Due to undesirable weather, the park may not profit very much during the summer and winter months.  the project would initially occupy 116 hectares (287 acres) of land — a bit more than half the size of the Los Angeles park and potentially the smallest of the Disney theme parks worldwide. (Source 17) Tourists may opt to visit a larger Disney park over the smaller Shanghai location.

Opportunities:  The Walt Disney Co. plans to adapt, rather than translate, the film [High School Musical] for the Chinese market, working with Shanghai Media Group and Huayi Brothers Media Corp., according to a statement from Disney (Source 18) By recreating this smash hit with Chinese actors, it will create relatability from Chinese citizens. This film potentially could create fantastic publicity for the brand.  Last year, the [Shanghai] city created 651,000 jobs, 43,000 more than in

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