Dishonesty Research Paper

One has most likely encountered a situation where being dishonest in order to avoid unpleasant circumstances appears to be the ideal option, but one should always be honest, for it will result in better consequences. A man named Jack takes his girlfriend, Diana, to her favorite Italian restaurant on a night in late September. They sit down together at a table in the corner of the restaurant. After their meal arrives, Diana notices that Jack’s phone screen lights up, revealing a text message from a girl named Amanda. Diana questions him about this girl. Jack tells her that Amanda works with him at his real estate company. He says that she has been talking to him recently about a house that she is having difficulty selling, and is wanting some …show more content…
Often times in different aspects of life, including relationships, situations arise where one has the choice to be honest or dishonest. Much of the time, dishonesty seems like the optimal choice, but it is the wrong one. When one does something generally immoral or unapproved by another person closely involved with one, who is unaware of this immorality, one can express the whole truth about what happened, or one can be dishonest about it. Because the event that occurred would upset the person involved with one, one can be tempted to not tell the truth about what happened, in order to avoid an unpleasant reaction from this person. Dishonesty can consist of completely lying about a situation, or simply not including certain details. Dishonesty actually results in worse consequences than truthfulness, even though it may have not seem like it at first. If the dishonesty is discovered by the person who is being lied to, it can result in the victim of the lie to lose trust in the person who was dishonest. This lack of trust can in turn cause relationships to suffer, or even end. One may argue that dishonesty is the better option, as long as the victim of the lie does not find out. However, this can lead to other detrimental consequences. This can include the guilt that one feels after lying to someone that one cares about. It can additionally cause the two of these people involved to not have the same understanding of the situation, which can cause further problems. Although dishonesty may seem appealing because of its avoidance of immediate negative results, it creates more drastic problems for the liar and the victim of the

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